About Us

We are professional  and experience tour planner in Bali since 1998. Let us serve and plan all of your Bali tours and activities to discover the island and culture of Bali. We are the best on planning time and cutting cost to save your time and money.

Our philosophy based on a perceptive that every individual has their own taste, preferences and life style and that we understand a memorable holiday means giving each person’s guidance yet at the same time is able to offer a sense of freedom for people to choose. This will be a little bit different comparing to people who follow one of tourism package using bus and explained things by tour guide. We here will provide you private tour in every shape or form we can do. Starting from the route, departure schedule, vehicles used as well as the tour guide, in whom we’ll arranged and packed to finally offered to you.

Aside from providing tourism package which route and destination adjusted to your preferences, we also offered solid tourism package that you can directly choose. Indeed, it is dedicated for you who face difficulties in finding your route or tour package while holidaying in Bali. Though you choose the available tourism package, it will still in a form of private tour. Our tour consultant, tour guide and even the driver who will accompany your tour are experienced and trained staff intending to give the best services which in turn gives you pleasant and memorable days in Bali.

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